The following abstracts have been accepted

Title Author
Influence of Brewer´s Yeast Beta-Glucan Supplementation on the non-specific defence mechanisms and specific immune response after Vaccination in Young Horses Author:Maike Rakebrandt, Małgorzata Wróbel, Andrzej K. Siwicki
Does Biochar Affect the Faecal Microbiome in Horses? Author:D. Tichá, M. Vadroňová, A. Výborná, Y. Tyrolová, P. Homolka, V. Kudrna, L. Trakal, M. Pohořelý, M. Joch
Slow feeding management: influence of different slow feeding devices and body morphology on mandibular angles Author:C. Bordin, F. Raspa, P. Harris, A.D. Ellis, A. Roggero, C. Palestrini, D. Bergero, E. Valle
Invited for plenary presentation - Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermentation Postbiotic Influences Microbiome Stability and Robustness in Young, Stressed Horses Author:Ehsan Khafipour, Erika Ganda, Anirikh Chakrabarti, Maria Sardi, Jillian M. Bobel, Briana Kozlowicz, Sharon A. Norton, Lori K. Warren
Investigation of Anthelmintic Administration on the Equine Faecal Microbiota. Author:A. Rodiles, A. Sacy, E. Apper
An investigation into the impact of soaking time on the nutritional content of hay and haylage for horses in the UK Author:I. Robinson, H. Brown
Invited for plenary presentation - The bioavailability of an oral dietary supplement containing hydrolysed collagen in horses Author:Lieuwke C. Kranenburg, Katharina S. Reinke, Jan van den Broek, David A. van Doorn, Robin van den Boom
Determination of the microbiota and SCFA concentration in the cecum and feces of horses receiving different diets Author:L. A. Brandi, B. Cerdeira, J. C.C. Balieiro, R. L.M. Sousa, H. Fukumasu,R. A. Brandi
The use of in vitro methods to evaluate the impact of an equine symbiotic supplement on cecal microbial activity Author:J.L. MacNicol, S. Renwick, C.M. Ganobis, E. Allen-Vercoe, J.S. Weeese, W. Pearson
Fermentation of carbohydrate sources in different equine hindgut segments using a fully-automated in vitro gas production technique system Author:C.M. van der Moolen-Huurdeman, D. A. van Doorn, H. Everts and W. F. Pellikaan
Invited for plenary presentation - Digestibility of different diets and their relationship with SCFA metabolism in horses - Author:R.A. Brandi, L.A. Brandi, B. Cerdeira, J.C.C. Balieiro