Currently, you can only register for the 10th EEHNC follow up session III – Equine gastric ulcer syndrome & nutritional management. The registration for the 11th EEHNC will be announced due time.

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Registrations for third & final 10th EEHNC follow-up session include access to the full 10th EEHNC take home messages.

Registrations for separate Follow-up sessions Price
i Reimbursements due to cancellations will be 90% before 01/09/2022, 50% for cancellations before 15/09/2022 and 25% for cancellations from 16/09/2022 until 25/09/2022. No reimbursements are possible after 25/09/2022.
After december 23 - Deadline march 12: € 125

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Credit points for continuing education (knmvd)

Please note that this field is for Dutch veterinarians only. Dutch Veterinarians may want to apply for credit hours for continuing education from the Dutch Royal Veterinary Association (KNMvD). Please, select "Yes" if the congress organization can submit your details and presence at this congress to the KNMVD for obtaining credits after the congress. The amount of credits are still to be determined.

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