General info

Trade Stands

The 10th EEHNC is a digital edition and therefore does not have trade stands. Other sponsor opportunities however are readily available for the 10th EEHNC - contact the registration desk for more information.

Trade stands will be available at the 11th EEHNC, please contact the registration desk for more information and sponsor opportunities.


The official language at the congress is English.


10th EEHNC: The climate for a digital congress is very variable and entirely depending on where you are attending from. We suggest our delegates open a window or turn up the heat accordingly ;)

11th EEHNC: The climate in Belgium is coastal and therefore variable. The temperature in March will be around 10°C but may vary a lot.

Passport & Visa

The 10th EEHNC will be a digital edition so this does not apply this year.

For the 11th EEHNC valid passports are required for entry into Belgium. Participants should check with their agents whether they would require a visa for travel to Belgium. If so they are advised to apply to the nearest Belgium Embassy or Consulate at least two months before the intended day of travel.


Liabilities for personal injuries, losses or damages to personal belongings remain the responsibility of the individual. The organizers are also not responsible for delays or any modification in the programme due to unforeseen circumstances. Please check the validity of your personal insurance.

Credit points for continuing education (nl/be)


The full 10th EEHNC programme has been awarded with a total of 15 credit points for continuing education. The full 25th of March and 26th of March programme are accredited with 4 points each. Each of the three follow-up sessions in 2021 and 2022 are awarded with 2,5 points each. (Equine; PE-veterinair)

Orde der Dierenartsen

The third follow-up session of the 10th EEHNC has received the following course number from the Orde der Dierenartsen: EBP/N/2022/0212

Information regarding the third and last follow-up session of the 10th EEHNC will be announced due time.


We are very grateful that one of the delegates has arranged that the 2nd and 3rd follow-up webinar has been listed as allowable continuing education credits by The American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, ARPAS.  Both webinars were approved for a total of 3 credits each. ARPAS is the organization which provides certification of animal scientists through examination, continuing education, and commitment to a code of ethics.