The following abstracts have been accepted

Title Author
The effect of moxidectin administration on in vitro feed fermentation, faecal microbiota profile and oxidative stress markers in horses Author:Simon Daniels, Joy Leng, Meriel Moore-Colyer and Chris Proudman
Consumption of a high protein meal affects insulin responses in horses with insulin dysregulation Author:C.M.M. Loos, S.C. Dorsch, A. Gerritsen, S.E. Elzinga, T. Brewster-Barnes, A.A. Adams and K.L. Urschel
A preliminary investigation into prevalence of garlic supplements in the United Kingdom Author:Grace Dirks and Hieke Brown
Influence of the yeast probiotic Actisaf SC 47 supplementation in Standardbreds trotters in training Author:Claire Leleu, Anne Sophie Mailliot Pivan, Rodolphe Rabot, Jean Philippe Marden and Eric Auclair
A prebiotic supplement increases beneficial bacteria in new born foals Author:Frederikke Lindenberg, Ditte Olsen, Lukas Krych, James Fielden, Hanne Frøkiær, Gaby van Galen, Dennis S Nielsen and Axel K Hansen
An in vitro assay for ranking small intestinal starch digestion in horses Author:Nerida Richards, James Rowe, Mingan Choct, Geoff Hinch and Simon Bird
Texture from extruded kibbles enriched with a high fermentable fiber source Author:Vinicius Silva, Amanda Pereira, Marina Santos, Jhony Solórzano, José Ascheri and Fernando Almeida
High throughput sequencing of fecal bacteria in trained Standardbreds trotters when fed the probiotic yeast Actisaf SC47. Author:Jean-Philippe Marden, Claire Leleu, Rodolphe Rabot and Eric Auclair
Micro algae supplementation: does this small organism have a large effect on the fermentation of feedstuffs? Author:Varsha Iyengar and Jo-Anne Murray
Particle size: a small matter with a large impact Author:Viola Farci, Jo-Anne Murray and Peter Hastie
Modification of gut microbiota in response to the toxin of equine atypical myopathy: a preliminary study using a dynamic human intestinal simulator Author:Anne-Christine François, Benoit Renaud, Véronique Delcenserie, Sarah Lebrun, Bernard Taminiau, Carlota Cesarini, Pascal Gustin and Dominique Votion
Investigating the impact of a novel equine dietary nutraceutical on the force of contraction in gastric smooth muscle using an in vitro organ bath system Author:Jennifer MacNicol, Coral Murrant and Wendy Pearson
Estimating dry matter digestibility of individual feedstuffs using the mobile bag technique Author:Nana Wentzel Thorringer and Rasmus Bovbjerg Jensen
Pre-incubation in equine gastric fluid increases in vitro starch digestion Author:Nerida Richards, James Rowe, Mingan Choct, Geoff Hinch and Simon Bird
The use of an oral phyto-supplement in racehorses with EIPH Author:Emmanuelle van Erck - Westergren and Fe Ter Woort