Accreditation points for continuing education- UK, NL, BE

Credit points for continuing education (nl/be/uk)

CPD for SPQs

This year for the first time the Congress is able to offer CPD points for AMTRA registered SQP/RAMA’s in the UK. SQP’s offer advice on parasite control and are entitled to prescribe and fulfil prescriptions for equine anthelmintics in the United Kingdom.  Both afternoon sessions on 25 and 26th are accredited. Delegates MUST however contact Claire Williams (claire@beta-uk.org) at the British Equestrian Trade Association who we have worked with on this to gain accreditation, prior to the event and provide their name, email and AMTRA registration number along with what sessions you have booked attendance for. The first session on the 25th gains delegates 19 points and the session on the 26th offers 27 points.  Delegates must attend the entire session live to qualify for the points and hence the need to register your interest with BETA.  



The full 10th EEHNC programme has been awarded with a total of 15 credit points for continuing education. The full 25th of March and 26th of March programme are accredited with 4 points each. Each of the three follow-up sessions in 2021 and 2022 are awarded with 2,5 points each. (Equine; PE-veterinair)

Orde der Dierenartsen

A request for credit points for continuing education is currently pending for the 10th EEHNC as it was the case for previous EEHNC editions.

As an indication: the 9th EEHNC programme was awarded with in total 23,17 points for the full 3 day programme. The full Saturday programme was awarded with 5,17 points, while the full Sunday programme was awarded with 4,58 points.

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